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Are you doing technology hiring? Are you an experienced recruiter involved in hiring techies, or an HR manager of any IT company, or a Hiring Manager? Do you have a sweet-n-ugly hiring experience ? Your experience is very valuable to us.

“The only source of knowledge is experience”

– Albert Einstine

It is time that you transform you hiring experiences into knowledge for others in recruitment fraternity. Tech Hiring Blog is ideal place for sharing. We invite you to become our Guest Author and share your experiences and tips & tricks of hiring technology candidates. We will spread it across the technology hiring community. Your article can become the next featured article of Rezoomex Newsletter.


How to become a Guest Author of Tech Hiring Blog?

We love to hear about your experiences. However, we have some seriously strict guidelines that we want you to adhere to in the process of becoming our Guest Author.

Rule Book for the Guest Author of Tech Hiring Blog:

  1. Write about your experience even if it is good, bad, ugly or neutral. As mentioned before, we love your experiences; all of them!
  2. Write in MS Word or Google Word….doesn’t matter. Even a text file will do. Just don’t forget to attach it in the email. If you are afraid that you would forget the attachment for sure while sending email, paste the article in the email itself. We are super-flexible!
  3. We are very strict about the word-limit of article. One word, or a sentence submission can’t be published as an article. That will be treated as a quote and we will use your quote with your identity (your name and your company’s name) in some other article of ours. So, be careful about what you quote!
  4. There is no maximum word limit. Your article can be as long as you want but since we don’t publish thesis, we will take as much as we want!
  5. Write your bio for sure, preferably a professional one. We don’t want our readers to feel that they are reading some amateur!
  6. No matter how big an introduction you write about yourself, we will cut short it before publishing. So be short & sweet!
  7. Give us a smart pic of yours. If you don’t give, we will choose the ugliest DP of yours from LinkedIn or Facebook. Ta-daaa!
  8. If you have an image to go with your article, give it to us. Else, we will put something of ours. You can’t complain after that!
  9. The editor of Rezoomex Newsletter loves reading. Email your article directly to him at akhsay.moon@rezoomex.com!
  10. You can also tweet your experience snippets to us @Rezoomex with #write #TechHiringBlog. We will add it in our home-production articles!

So, start writing!!!