Unlocking Opportunities: Advantages of Gig Work for Indian Tech Professionals

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In recent years, the gig economy has emerged as a transformative force in the professional landscape, offering Indian tech professionals a myriad of advantages & opportunities. Embracing gig work has become an appealing option for these individuals seeking flexibility, diverse experiences & a dynamic work environment.

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4 benefits of joining an NFT Community Group for Software Professionals 

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NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a new and exciting technology that has taken the world by storm. These digital assets have opened a new world of possibilities for software professionals. Joining an NFT community group for software professionals can provide a wide range of benefits for those who are looking to explore this emerging field. In this article, we will explore 4 benefits of joining an NFT community group for software professionals. 

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The Future of Work: Promoting Gig Work for Tech Professionals Through Resume NFTs 

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The world of work is undergoing a profound transformation & tech professionals are at the forefront of this change. Traditional employment models are giving way to the gig economy, where independent contractors have more control over their careers. In this evolving landscape, tech professionals can leverage technology not only to find gig projects but also to mint their resume NFTs. Creating exciting opportunities for themselves. In this article we will explore the synergy between gig work & Resume NFTs & how they can empower tech professionals in this new era of work.  

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Rezoomex Celebrating International Programmers’ Day

Every year on the 256th day of the year, a unique celebration takes place that often goes unnoticed by the general public but holds immense significance in the world of technology. This day, known as International Programmers’ Day, is dedicated to the unsung heroes who build the digital landscape we all rely on. 

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Rezoomex’s Moonlighting & Remote Work Debate!

Pune, June 29 – Rezoomex, a leading organization in the IT industry, recently organized a thought-provoking debate on the topic of ethical moonlighting and its possibilities. The two-hour long event witnessed the participation of 55 eminent professionals, including CEOs and leaders, who shared their insights and perspectives on the matter. 

During the engaging debate, 75% of the attendees expressed their support for ethical moonlighting, highlighting its potential benefits. However, there were varying opinions on how moonlighting should be approached and regulated. The participants shed light on several aspects and considerations that revolve around engaging in moonlighting activities. 

Mr. Vinayak Joglekar, Founder Director of Rezoomex, emphasized his support for ethical moonlighting when carried out with the prior approval of the primary employer. He pointed out that professionals have been undertaking external projects even before the term “moonlighting” gained popularity. Mr. Joglekar highlighted how highly paid and highly qualified consultants have always shared their time with multiple clients, showcasing the possibility of ethical moonlighting. 

Akash Malve, Global Head of Data Science & AI at Exela Technologies, supported moonlighting when conducted within a defined framework based on Competition, Contracts, Competency, and Conflict. He stressed the importance of proper management and adherence to ethical guidelines to ensure a positive moonlighting experience. 

Jay Pathak, Angular Architect at Etrade Menlopark, shared his personal experience where hiring a candidate with rare skills proved challenging. He expressed his support for moonlighting as it enabled him to complete his project within the required timeframe. Mr. Pathak believes that moonlighting can be a valuable solution for accessing specialized skills that may not be readily available for full-time hiring. 

Aniruddha Paranjape, CEO of Kanaka Software, endorsed moonlighting due to its potential for individuals to acquire rare skills that may be unavailable through traditional hiring methods. As long as work is delivered punctually and customers are satisfied, Mr. Paranjape supports moonlighting within boundaries that do not conflict with the organization’s interests. 

Johnson Abraham, Principal Software Engineering Manager at Cloudreach, highlighted the positive aspects of moonlighting, including the development of qualities such as autonomy, time management, confidence, and a sense of ownership. He emphasized how moonlighting can contribute to personal and professional growth, as well as upskilling. 

Harish Rohokale, Founder & CEO of Apptware & Appmart, expressed his concerns about moonlighting, citing client code confidentiality, productivity issues, and security as potential drawbacks. He implemented a model within his company that allows team members to earn and learn through in-house projects, providing an alternative to moonlighting. 

Ronak Patil, Founding Technical Engineer at Cast.AI, generally agreed with moonlighting within a defined framework. He highlighted the additional financial incentive it offers, especially for juniors with lower salaries who face challenges in expensive cities like Pune and Bangalore. Mr. Patil suggested that moonlighting can serve as a viable option for individuals seeking additional income. 

Manish Agrawal, Co-founder & CTO of Yagna IQ Inc, opposed moonlighting, stating that knowledge workers’ responsibilities often extend beyond regular working hours, particularly in product companies. He raised concerns about the potential negative impact on family time, sleep, and concentration on the primary job. Mr. Agrawal recommended individuals to explore freelancing or consulting as alternatives. 

Shreya Thombre, Project Manager (PMO) at IBM, also voiced her opposition to moonlighting, placing a high value on loyalty to the primary employer. She emphasized the significant risks associated with conflicts of interest and data privacy that can arise from allowing moonlighting activities. 

Pratap Shrotriya, CEO of SplendorNet Technologies, presented perspectives from both employers and employees. From an employee’s perspective, he highlighted the importance of satisfaction over monetary reasons. Mr. Shrotriya stated that engaging in multiple activities may prevent individuals from finding time for themselves and their families. As an employer, he expressed the company’s preference for employees to focus on their primary work and conserve their energy rather than engaging in moonlighting activities. 

Kiran Ratnakar, Director of Cybersecurity, Cloud, Encora, shared his experience of moonlighting with prior approval from the CTO. He acknowledged the potential benefits of additional knowledge gained from moonlighting that can be useful to the current company. However, Mr. Ratnakar cautioned about the risks associated with intellectual property protection and insider threats, emphasizing the need for certain constraints on moonlighting activities. 

Salil Khedkar, Head of Software Engineering at Microlise, adopted a neutral standpoint. While supporting ethical moonlighting for building a talented and thriving team, he stressed the importance of addressing productivity and work-life balance issues. Mr. Khedkar recommended allowing moonlighting activities with proper guidelines and regulations. 

The debate also brought to light the reasons why individuals consider moonlighting, including underutilization of capabilities and idle time. Employees emphasized the need for companies to value their output and focus on outcomes rather than measuring time spent or filling time sheets. However, a discrepancy arises as companies often charge clients based on the time and material model, leading to a mismatch in expectations. 

A unique proposal was discussed during the event, suggesting the development of an NFT system to lock in the identity of employees engaging in moonlighting. Additionally, a three-way smart contract was proposed to ensure that both companies simultaneously working with the employees can receive the appropriate share of their time and attention. 

Overall, the debate on ethical moonlighting organized by Rezoomex received a positive response and facilitated a healthy exchange of ideas. Rezoomex extends its gratitude to all the participants for their valuable time and contributions. The organization expresses its intention to organize further events on this topic in the near future. 

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Recruitment & Data Privacy Laws

In terms of internet privacy and security, many advancements have been brought about during the last few years. New laws has been enacted in a number of nations to safeguard citizens’ online data. Giving people choice over how businesses utilize their personal information is still the goal. Therefore, these regulations provide rules for those same businesses to follow while treating their customers, users, and website visitors with respect.

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3 Convincing Recruiting Best Practices to Scale a Small Private venture Rapidly

Employing is one of the fundamental stages in the enrollment cycle. To help their exhibition, commitment, and maintenance, newbies should effectively progress.

A recent survey reported that onboarding had become a big part of 72% of respondents’ retention strategies. In addition, 61% of respondents have started onboarding early, focusing more on recruiting and delivering information to ensure fit and set expectations.

As per a conspicuous HR programming stage provider, “the best employee onboarding programs run all through the employee’s initial 90 days and may try and stretch out for an entire year — to guarantee initiates are enough upheld as they incline to full efficiency.”

This article will walk you through the best employing practices to draw in reasonable work up-and-comers and scale a private venture rapidly.

1. Make Sourcing More Key:
We know as TA experts that choosing the right candidate obtaining channels can be the differentiator for drawing in top ability and bringing down employee turnover, particularly for private companies with strict spending plans.

As per a review, sourced candidates are over two times as proficient as candidates who go after open jobs. These days, you can find candidates through different channels. Career fairs, job boards, employee referral programs, networking events, job postings, and social media

At their organizations, most HR directors utilize a mix of these channels to foster solid talent pipelines that they can take advantage of when the need emerges.

One survey discovered that utilizing a “multi-strategy approach” for candidate sourcing and other superior choice methods assisted businesses with better figuring out the candidate’s character. It likewise permitted organizations to decide how an up-and-comer could squeeze into an association.

While a multi-channel sourcing strategy can help in finding the top candidates quickly, not all private company selecting groups have limitless assets.

Coming up next are a few prescribed procedures to consider while deciding the best sourcing channels for your organization:

·         Continuously think about your past triumphs to see which channels presented to you the top recruits, and consider growing your utilization of those channels.
·         Inquire current representatives for inventive contact thoughts. They could possibly rapidly point you toward a gathering, college, proficient association, or strength. You’ll have the option to interface with another pool of up-and-comers after that.
·         Put resources into computerized outreach by means of virtual systems administration occasions and online classes, for instance. 2. Connect with Previous Qualified Applicants From Your Ability Pipeline Once more

2. Engage Former Qualified Candidates From Your Talent Pipeline Again:

As per certain examinations, around 73% of candidates are uninvolved work searchers.
Applicants not effectively going after open jobs at your association ought to be the focal point of your enrollment methodology. In the event that you don’t, you’ll pass up numerous awesome individuals who might have added to your organization’s general achievement.

Reconnecting previous qualified leads for your employment opportunities by taking advantage of your current ability pipeline is an astounding system to recognize latent candidates.
Reaching out to recently qualified possibilities can accelerate the method involved with filling an accessible position and save enrollment specialists the time and exertion of going through each phase of the selecting system.

While conveying effort messages to recently qualified competitors, clarify that you comprehend it might have been some time since you last talked with them, and inquire as to whether they are as yet keen on working for your organization.

You might have the option to provoke the up-and-comer’s curiosity again thusly. It’s likewise doable that their positive involvement in you will urge them to allude you to a capable companion or partner who could be intrigued.

Warm up-and-comers have a more noteworthy possibility being employed than latent possibilities, whether or not they are effectively searching for work at that point.

3. Use Innovation to Overcome any issues:

At last, consolidating various cutting edge enrolling innovation headways with your everyday recruiting cycles to enlist employees quicker is one of the most fundamental yet compelling enlistment strategies that anyone could hope to find.

Embracing automation to speed up undeniable level dreary tasks like interview scheduling, applicant sourcing, and application screening utilizing progressed scientific methodologies can set aside time and cash. Utilizing automation saves time for selection representatives to draw in with possibilities one-on-one and assemble their manager image.
As per a new survey, many think having the right recruiting tools and software can significantly benefit talent acquisition teams. These tools can also help them understand candidates better as well.
Rather than holding on to perceive how everything pan out after the applicant has been utilized, devices and programming can assist with foreseeing achievement and execution during the recruiting system.
Other tech advances that hiring  managers  can incorporate into their regular tech stack to find the best up-and-comers and assist their independent companies with scaling rapidly have:
·         Chatbots to answer applicant questions
·         Channels to streamline work advertisements and keep an evergreen up-and-comer pipeline
·         Prescient investigation to pursue more educated recruiting choices

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Spotting the Candidates Lies

Candidates may not be totally honest in their CVs or during the interviews. Some may inadvertently mislead to make a better impression during the meeting. In any case, in the fight to stand apart among the contenders, a few up-and-comers take it far and fudge reality. The most well-known things applicants lie about are the motivations behind why they left their previous jobs, their pay, ability level, job experience and so forth.

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