How to attend a TweetChat?


“Anjali, I have to attend your TweetChat. Tell me how do I do it?”

This phone call is common in my life. Often, it comes just at the time when I am about to get the ball rolling for a TweetChat. That makes me realize that though it is one of the most desired things to indulge in a meaningful conversation with the right people around a trending topic of interest, most of those present on Twitter have no idea how to do it without creating any nuisance.

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Should companies also post anonymous reviews of candidates just like candidates do on Glassdoor?

HeaderI am sure the moment you might have read the title of the blog post, you would have said@#$$#@#$$#@##$@$$#@$!!! Ooops Typo Error 🙂 It’s not your fault. The moment we hear about “Reviews” all we can think about is negative reviews. But reviews could be either positive or negative.

Last week, I was fortunate to be part of a panel discussion that was conducted by Rezoomex around this topic. At first, I too was taken aback by the topic, but then I did settle down and started to do research on this topic. The 1st thing that I did was to ask this question to my hiring community and candidates in my network. The reason was to know their views as it helps you to understand the pulse of the audience.

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Recruit Tech Talent on GitHub and StackOverflow

Tech-Hiring-Blog_Recruiting-though-stackoverflow-github_July2016.pngGitHub and StackOverflow are incredible sources of getting amazing resources for a Tech Recruiter.

First of all, we should know the similarities and differences between both sources and how they can minimize your recruitment efforts.

StackOverflow is basically a platform for developers and Techies. Here, they post their day-to-day questions hoping that the other developers will help them with advises. On the other hand, GitHub is a repository where developers store their codes and even  share it publicly for open-source development or use by other developers. Continue reading “Recruit Tech Talent on GitHub and StackOverflow”