My Experience: What An IT Recruiter Needs To Know


IT Recruitment is a never ending process in today’s era. I am Devika and I am working in IT recruitment since almost a year now. I aspire to be in the HR Team and this is what makes me so keen to learn and practice all the HR functions. IT Recruitment is basically the core function of Human Resource Management.  The whole cycle of HR functions starts with finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate in the IT industry.

Before coming into technical recruitment, I only knew that I wanted to do something which could give me a perfect start to enter into Human Resource Management sector. After doing research and after contemplating on it, I found out that the best way would be to go into recruitment department of an IT company and learning the process. Being from the business management background, it was really hard for me to know all the terms of information technology. IT was a completely new field to me. As I wasn’t familiar with IT terms and technologies, I knew that I needed to put a lot of efforts. So, as every newcomer into IT recruitment, I started with google.

It is very important that the IT Recruiter should understand the Job Description and should also have knowledge about the technology for which he is recruiting. Without knowing the technology, if the recruiter works on it then he/she will not get perfection in finding candidates relevant to the Job Description. When I received a requirement, I tried to analyze it. Firstly, I used to search about the technology on google and study its basics. My seniors helped me by explaining the job description.

10 Things a Fresher IT Recruiter Does

As an IT recruiter, I had to be a medium between the client company and the candidates throughout the entire recruitment process. Every fresher IT Recruiter does the following tasks:

  1. Analyze the requirements of a jobtech_hiringblog_jd
  2. Learn a bit about that technologytech_hiringblog_google
  3. Find out those points that can be highlighted to attract candidates to that job
  4. Search candidates on job portals applying Boolean searchtech_hiringblog_naukri
  5. Call suitable candidates, screen them & select the most suitable candidates
  6. Schedule interview with hiring manager
  7. Convince the candidate to turn up for interview/rounds
  8. Host the candidate for recruitment process
  9. Follow up the hiring manager for feedback
  10. Follow up the candidate for joining and keep them warm

What should a Fresher IT Recruiter Learn

I am really grateful to my seniors and team leaders for teaching me all the basics of these activities. A fresher IT recruiter should definitely learn these basics:

  1. how to put a search on job portals,
  2. how to talk to candidates and attract them,
  3. how to know candidates’ needs and satisfy them,
  4. how to validate those candidates and judge their interest level,
  5. how to take regular follow-ups and maintain their interest level by keeping them updated

Naukri and Monster were the main search engines I learned to use in the beginning. When I first used these search engines, main problems I faced were putting the right keywords for getting perfect searched results and also the Boolean Search phrases. Day by day my Search started improving as I started understanding the concepts of the search engine. After screening the candidates, the main task was to talk to them and understanding their interest levels. Their levels of interest can be known by the way they answer to our questions or the way they present themselves on the call. While talking with them, recruiters need to be calm and polite and should be able to put all the necessary points of the job in front of the candidates properly. Another problem which almost every recruiter faces is lining up of the shortlisted candidates at the venue. Many candidates may back-out due to various reasons but taking care whether the candidates have reached for the interview in time or not is the most important task according to me.

All these roles and responsibilities kept me occupied and fresh every single day. as I got to learn many new things. Even today, each day gives me exposure to new terms of technology and gives me a chance to make my methods of recruitment better. Communicating with candidates, who vary from freshers to architects to top-level managers not just boosts my craze for work; but also improves my confidence level. I have started learning every term of information technology step by step and even the environments of other MNCs and their policies and procedures.

Now, reaching the point where I love the job I do, I proudly praise all the IT Recruiters and all the efforts that they take to satisfy company’s needs and also to justify the switch in employees’ careers. Just the way an employee is concerned about himself, even we as recruiters are concerned about their growth and development. Giving the right fit to both – the organization and the employee is not just a hard work but a fun and loving work too!

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Devika Tagunde (Technical Recruitment Specialist, Rezoomex)

Devika Tagunde is a technology recruiter with about a year of experience. She is really passionate about IT recruitment and is enjoying every second of it.

In her spare time, Devika loves to take selfies and interact with people. Currently, she is the Jr. Recruitment Specialist with Rezoomex.

One thought on “My Experience: What An IT Recruiter Needs To Know

  1. Hi Devika, definitely a good foot forward. This exactly reminds me where I head-started my career.

    With attention-to-detail and hard-work, one can definitely be a good recruiter.
    For technology recruitment , yes the add-on is to talk to candidates in their tech-language.

    Best part to know is , you love and respect your job.

    Mostly the recruiters under-estimate their role in the business and hence do things halfheartedly.They then lose onto the success.

    keep up the good work!!

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