Hiring & Managing New Mothers at Workplace: Tips for Managers


Over the decades, women have broken all the barriers in proving themselves as equal and victorious as men despite their personal, cultural, social and physical limitations going on and on then and now. By showcasing their exquisite capabilities in all spheres of work from sports, IT, hospitality, to teaching, medical, or recruitment industry, their roles have emerged as ‘role models’ for many. When it comes to positioning women in the working environment, it is not just vital to incentivize the singles but also those experiencing the transitional phase of motherhood.

Worries of Expecting Mothers: What employers must understand?

If employers/recruiters comprehend the basic worries, which nag expecting mothers, rest assured it will be easier for them to address those concerns in a strategic way. The three major concerns of most expecting mothers are enlisted below:

  • Will I be discriminated on the basis of my condition?”
  • “Will the employer grant me additional leaves as a case of child health issues?”
  • “Will my salary be affected owing to my present state?”

While, employment law around the world is common for every working employee experiencing motherhood, however, a candidate could face such anxiety just because of her psychological and physical state, which according to her may hamper her professional career.

Loss of Losing Expecting Mothers in Organization: What the Employers Must Know? 

Loss of productivity & engagement

Working women are known to be more enthusiastic as compared to men; be it work or maintaining a cheerful culture in the organization. Losing expecting women employees could result in loss of productivity for companies that do not wish to follow a holistic maternity policy.

Loss of leadership

Refusing a talented woman employee owing to her pregnancy can cause loss of leadership in the chain of women leaders. This can further turn out to be a setback for companies envisioning long-term success.

How to Make the Interview Process Easier for Expecting Mothers?

Recruiters already experience various in-ground issues while viewing and interviewing candidates for diverse roles. When it comes to interviewing women candidates considering motherhood, the interviewers’ must be mindful and ask questions, which do not signify gender discrimination.

Enclosed are two major tips, which recruiters must bear in mind while hiring candidates expecting motherhood:

  1. Put Work Skills Before Pregnancy: Pregnancy, being one of the most sensitive stages for any working woman, recruiters must take hiring decisions on the basis of the skills and experience required for the particular role and not on the physical condition of the candidate.
  2. Keep an Unprejudiced Mindset: Recruiters must bear in mind the various concerns associated with the ‘would-be’ or ‘new mothers” employees. From the leaves and special allowances, the candidates must be evaluated and offered roles they truly deserve. For this, keeping a wide and unbiased mindset is significant and salary packages must not come their way as a point of compromise in their career.

Managing the Working Mothers at Workplace: What Employers Must Implement?

Devise Effective Policies Preventing Pregnancy Discrimination

Hiring is done. What about managing the work staff with one or more pregnant employees? Here comes the role of well-defined employers who set policies ensuring an equal and motivating work environment for everyone. To avoid pregnancy discrimination, employers must prepare managers and supervisors to allow these employees as free, independent and responsibility-takers. For this, their impending leaves must be granted with alternative work options as well.

Allow Accommodation Facilities

It is vital for recruiters to recognize, understand, as well as, respect the needs of would-be and new mothers at workplace, for which providing accommodation facilities is an excellent step. To strictly prevent kind of discrimination against these employees, employers can voluntarily implement policies and benefits to make them feel valued employees:

  • Reduced hours of working
  • Time off for medical appointments
  • Less strenuous work duties
  • Permit to urgent or uncertain leaves

“Motherhood is one of the biggest transitional phases for a woman, which adds a valuable impact to her life and to the life of those connected with her.”

We all hear it but all of us do not actually comprehend the pure feeling owing to diverse factors and reasons.

Women have been experiencing a great transition in positions assigned to them over the past few years. The above information highlights how crucial their role in every industry is and how effective policies in their much-needed sensitive stage like pregnancy can make all the difference to their careers, as well as, the top employers. 

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