5 Steps to Become a Talent Magnet


Recently I got an opportunity to attend TASCON17, a talent acquisition and sourcing conclave held in Bengaluru (India). Now, the event covered a variety of topics, but the one which fascinated me the most was on the employer branding and how organizations can use it to attract talent. Here, I will try to share what I have learned from that session about employer branding and leveraging it to transform an organization into a talent magnet.

I am sure you will agree with the fact that most of the employees would like to work with bigger companies which generally have pretty strong employer branding, for an example a company like Google. Google has managed to create a credible image in the mind of their target audience, i.e. current employees and future employees over a period of time (This is exactly what employer branding is). Therefore, it is much easier for these types of organizations to attract great talent.

Now, smaller organizations can do the same by engaging in right employer branding initiatives; let’s have a look at some of the practices with the help of which smaller organizations can create better employer brand to turn things to their advantage.

1. Sell Culture not Jobs:

Company culture plays an extremely important role in attracting talent as candidates nowadays gives a lot of importance to it. Candidates would love to know about the culture of the company they will be working for. Therefore, communicate with them about the company culture. Inform them about the functioning of the organization, how the team works together, how vital every member of the company is, the significance of performance etc.

2. Every Single Employee can Contribute:

Employee referrals are one of the best sources to hire new talent. The reason being the candidates are more likely to believe your current employees than your corporate message.

Make sure that the HR department takes some responsibility in the branding process and work together to create an environment where every employee feels good about the company they work for. It is only when the current employees are happy they are likely to refer their company to others.

3. Create Great Content:

Content has the power to attract top talent to join an organization. What one needs to be aware of is the type of content that will help build a strong connection with their target audience, being aware about it and creating engaging and entertaining content helps immensely with the branding.

Create videos to tell stories about your organization, make infographics to educate candidates, use graphics to create more attractive job descriptions, write blogs and share it on social media, host webinars etc.

4. Be Innovative

An organizations branding strategies should change with time. Sticking around with the same process for a very long period will have negative effects. There will always be new ideas coming up with time, think over it, learn and adapt to get better solutions.

An organizations ability to innovate is crucial to the success of its branding strategies.

5. Tools:

Tech tools make things easier; it can greatly help in accomplishing an organizations goals. So here are a couple of tools an organization can make use of for employer branding.

i. Truesharer:

An employee advocacy platform that helps an organization to share its culture and business news to the world through its employees.

ii. Animoto:

An impressive tool that enables an organization to transform photos and video clips into shareworthy marketing videos effortlessly.


Employer branding needs creative thinking and a long term view.  While this list is only the tip of the iceberg, there are various other options which an organization can explore. Adopt the ones which you think will best suit your organization. But one thing is for sure, evolving and embracing employer branding will help an organization attract great talent.

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