Innovative Recruitment Techniques adopted by The Most Innovative Companies


It is well known that today’s job market is candidate driven. Finding and attracting high skilled talent has never been more difficult. Traditional recruitment methods are all good, but there is also this digital revolution going on, which must be adopted by the companies globally to make their recruitment process much more effective. We have examples where the companies are using these innovative   techniques effectively.

So what are the most innovative recruitment strategies that are being used by the most famous and the most innovative companies? Those companies which are adopting these innovative techniques are keeping their recruitment process in mind. It is suggested that one should get inspired by these methods and not adopt those blindly.

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Use Data:

Analyzing labor market, internal performances and competitive benchmarking are just some of the areas where data can be used in recruitment.  For example the data gathered from thousands of job interviews, can be analyzed to compare interviewers’ evaluation with the actual performance of the candidates hired.  Companies like Google and IBM have been doing this very effectively over the years.

Unfortunately most of the companies globally, don’t use recruitment data to their advantage. On the other hand we  see, departments like marketing, sales, R&D and IT have, long before started utilizing data in their decision making process. Most importantly they have benefited immensely from it.

Virtual Reality:

VR is a very cool invention. It is being considered as the next big thing in terms of technology, something which has the capability to change the world.  Its popularity is growing immensely among the youth and according to a report majority of them are interested in experiencing it., the Walmart owned online shopping platform is letting candidates experience office culture from anywhere by using Virtual Reality. Jaguar is in the process of building fun, skills based recruiting games. General Mills is using VR to stand out at career events.

Slowly but steadily companies are realizing that to compete for high skilled candidates will require them to be innovative in their recruitment process.

National Hiring Day:

Holding a national hiring day event is a new recruiting approach. This method is basically used to hire candidates in bulk and in a day.

It has already being used by many major US & Canadian companies. The major reason behind using this method is that it will surely create a lot of buzz.  The companies are likely to get free widespread publicity. And of course it attracts a lot of talent. Companies like McDonald’s and Chipotle are using it brilliantly to hire thousands of candidates in a day.

Job Auditions:

You will not always know everything you need to know about the candidates you interview. It doesn’t matter how good your recruitment process is. That’s the reason why job auditions are becoming popular. An audition gives a fair idea of how a candidate will actually perform in the job.

Job auditions are basically putting candidates in scenarios which will resemble their actual job. One can argue that this could be the most difficult and time consuming technique of recruitment. But its effectiveness cannot be questioned.

Video Interview:

Here are the reasons why video interviews are gaining popularity. It saves time and expenses of the candidates. It can be attended from anywhere and is much easier to attend, the candidate is much more comfortable attending the video interview and most importantly it enhances the candidate experience. Better candidate experience enhances company’s brand image.

Hilton hotels has been using video interview to speed up screening and interviewing. Apple has also been using video interviews.


There are many options available for an innovative company to choose from. There no silver bullet that will work for every company. This article might help your company to make its choice.

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