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Tech-Hiring-Blog_Recruiting-though-stackoverflow-github_July2016.pngGitHub and StackOverflow are incredible sources of getting amazing resources for a Tech Recruiter.

First of all, we should know the similarities and differences between both sources and how they can minimize your recruitment efforts.

StackOverflow is basically a platform for developers and Techies. Here, they post their day-to-day questions hoping that the other developers will help them with advises. On the other hand, GitHub is a repository where developers store their codes and even  share it publicly for open-source development or use by other developers.

Similarities between Stack Overflow and GitHub:

  • On both the websites, Software Engineer can share their work.
  • We can track the last contributions by any developer on both the websites.
  • On GitHub, developers can post their codes to public or private repositories while on StackOverflow, it’s all public.
  • On StackOverflow, developers share a bit of code that is specific to the question, whereas on GitHub they can share the whole code base.

In short, both websites are the best ways to reach prospective candidates when your list by traditional way of sourcing candidates exhausts.

A Smarter way to get connected with Candidates:

Nowadays recruitment industry is getting highly competitive and it’s very difficult to grab the candidate’s attention. Everyone is getting bombarded with marketing messages via phone and Email, and many other sources.

So how to be different from other recruiters?

We should use the personalized approach to grab the attention of a candidate. By sending them personalized messages that shows your understanding and appreciation for their current work that you learnt from the information provided by them on GitHub or Stack Overflow, you can grab their attention.

So let’s get started!

The GitHub Approach:

Below is how the GitHub profile of any candidate looks like:

Raj Anand

When you are on his profile, select any of his repositories. When you open the repository, there will be a README.MD file describing what the piece of code is created for.

For eg. here is the repository of Raj Anand :

While sending him a mail about the opportunity you have, you can address him like this:

Subject: I found your repositories related to JavaScript libraries.

Body: Each and every repository of yours is very well documented; I have an opportunity where you could work with related technologies. Let me know if you would like to explore it more.

Now about Stack Overflow:

Basically, Stack Overflow and GitHub are having the similar approach. Here you have to find a candidate. While checking a candidate’s profile you can see “Communities” tab on the right side. Stack Overflow is a part of the StackExchange metasystem, and the profiles are linked together. Feel free to use the information found on any of these.

As discussed before, this is a site where questions and answers are posted by software developers about their work. I suggest you order it on newest and first check if the user has given any answers or not.

So we have a stack overflow account of Jeevan Patil  (

Jeevan Patil

Once you find the right candidate, you can pass a compliment for the solution and then talk about the opportunity you have.

How to approach:

Subject: I saw your Stack overflow activity.

Body: I admit, I do not even understand half of it. What I do understand is that my company is looking for a similar kind of profile as yours.

How to find candidates on GitHub and StackOverflow with Google :

X-Ray search for StakOverflow

Google X-Ray search is the best way to get candidates on StackOverflow based on skills and location. Let’s take an example. We need a candidate for ruby on rails skill for Pune location. Your X-Ray Search will be as below: “ruby on rails” pune

Ruby Search

X-Ray search for GitHub

Suppose you have a requirement for Angular Js Developers and job location is Pune then your search will be “angularjspune  

Angular Search

Here, we can see the results 494 search results for GitHub accounts with Angular Js skills in Pune location.

Apart from google, there are so many other ways to get GitHub and StackOverflow IDs of candidate through 360 social, Prophet, Connectifier, Connect6, Falcon and Vibe extensions and tools.

Do it as a part of Evaluation Process

It’s nice that you have a candidate’s resume but when you attach the candidate’s GitHub and StackOverflow links, then hiring manager will become more interested in interviewing the candidate looking at the piece of work he/she has done.

As a recruiter, it’s your job to keep your candidate out of the crowd. Share the candidate repositories and their StackOverflow contributions for reducing the chances of rejection.

Please share your views and suggestion:)

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Aditi Sharma (Sr. Recruitment Specialist, Rezoomex)

Aditi Sharma is a technology recruiter and an HR blogger with 4 yrs. of experience. She has an outstanding record of sourcing technical talent through traditional as well as non-traditional mediums and she enjoys every second of it.

In her spare time, Aditi loves to explore new places around the globe and writing blog. Currently, she is the Sr. Recruitment Specialist with Rezoomex.

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