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“Yes the storm will pass, humankind will survive, most of us will still be alive – but we will inhabit a different world. ” – Yuval Noah Harari

“Coronavirus will change the world permanently.” – The Politico Magazine

After reading these articles I had my own thoughts – these are random as thoughts often are!

Many experts including Bill Gates have been warning us.

Whether another deadly, disruptive pandemic is possible- “It is not only possible, it is just a matter of time,” – Robert G. Webster (Virology and flu expert)

This mutation of the virus will be conquered once we develop the vaccine. However more mutations of such viruses are likely to arise in the future. These mutations would arise primarily because of the instinct of the virus to survive in its fight against the antibodies. So this game of virus VS vaccine will go on just the way the game of computer virus versus antivirus is going on.

Groceries and items of daily use will increasingly be ordered online so that there is no exposure to the crowds in shops and the shopping malls.

Voice-based interfaces such as Siri and Alexa would become the primary ways of interaction because individuals will start having issues arising due to prolonged stays at home and too much screen time. Voice only or hybrid social platforms would become popular.

Timezone boundaries will blur as we use the flexibility in working hours afforded by work-from-home.

Social media will be used for longer and bigger social interactions such as birthday parties , religious functions, casual get-togethers on a regular basis. We will embrace social distancing to reduce the chances of disease transmission.

Any collaborative activity including financial transaction which can be done online will be done online. Thus buying tickets , depositing cash , buying groceries, applying for a loan , buying insurance, buying real estate, legal consultation, designing a campaign,

People who work from home will continue to work from home and others who can work from home will start working from home.

People would watch streaming movies on Prime video or Netflix than going to the movie halls

Individual activities like running would pick up as compared to group activities like playing badminton or tennis

Online training MOOCs and individual training applications like SMule would replace large classroom-based learning

Video conferences would replace business meetings

It will be impossible for sales people to get appointment for face-to-face meetings. Businesses will move to online presentations, chatbots etc. aided by online instant lead generation.

User research will no more be a face-to-face research. Most of the researchers will be remotely interacting with their subjects .

Bigger push for bringing in driverless cars. People wouldn’t risk hailing a human driven ride.

Urban lifestyle and downtown living that has lately become popular with the millennials would change as people would want spacious and airy homes in distant locations may be a few hundred or a thousand miles away. Location would stop mattering,

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