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After putting so much effort in calculating the Suitability Score, we later realized that it is just a part of the entire gamut of improved and cost-effective hiring. Also, we observed that candidates are very smart when it comes to writing their resumes. Sometimes, they even use paid services to create an impressive resume. Just calculating their suitability score based on the information provided in the resume wouldn’t be a complete solution.

So, we thought of doing something to get the candidates technically evaluated even before we call them for an interview. One idea was to conduct a technical test at our premise and short-list candidates based on their performance in that test. But, as many would agree, candidates were not really keen to attend these tests; especially the better and more experienced candidates. Few also had some genuine concerns like office timings, distance to travel etc. It made more sense to go to the candidates’ places rather than calling them over.  But how can we really go to each candidate?

One of our associates came up with an idea. techhiringblog11We can use a smartphone app for technical evaluation so that candidate could attend the test from any convenient location and time.

techhiringblog33The idea was well received and we started building an APK (Android Application Package) with some help from the concerned hiring managers. They helped us with a set of multiple choice questions including technical, logical and code based objective questions.

After some cosmetic improvisation to this app, it started working for us. techhiringblog44We shared the APKs with the candidates. We observed the candidates and also asked them to share their feedbacks. Our observations and their responses were encouraging. They had never seen an app like this being used in the selection process. Almost everyone appreciated the convenience of a mobile based technical evaluation before the face to face interview.

techhiringblog22We used the phone’s camera to capture the video of the candidate during the test. It helped us to maintain transparency and also to serve as a deterrent to cheaters googling, or asking friends for the right answers or even asking someone else to do the test on their behalf. Our hiring managers were very pleased to get technically screened candidates.

Our final tracker also evolved in the process. It eventually started giving us a fair understanding of what the candidate claims to be (Suitability Score) and who he really is (Suitability Score + technical test result).techhiringblog5

We are currently using it for all of our active requirements. As anticipated, we have started getting the results. Now we are very quick in weeding out technically unsuitable candidates in no time.

Our biggest learning in this whole exercise is –

Portals and agencies have been successful in providing a wide choice. Now the evaluation process has become the bottleneck that needs our attention.

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