Stop being a Data Entry Operator: Introducing the Magic of NLP in recruitment


Most of us will agree that we recruiters are still manually entering candidate details for making synopsis, trackers and Applicant Tracking System.

Let’s quickly have a look at this picture:


This is the life of a recruiter! The first half is full of excitement and energy as the recruiter is doing callings, sourcing and exploring the JDs. Once the first half passes, the recruiter is involved in data entry job i.e. filling information of candidates manually.

Most of the fresher recruiters find themselves doing data entry job more than other recruitment activities like relationship building, calling candidates, follow ups etc.

Why are the recruiters still doing Manual Work?

When I tried to find out the reason behind it, below are the reasons behind this:

  • Resumes are not in proper format. Hiring managers and HR managers don’t want to scroll down to get the candidate’s information,
  • Recruiters have to keep track on the candidate’s interview status, so they are still filling tracker for it,
  • Many small and big companies have implemented the ATS for creating a centralised database for candidate’s profile. Recruiters are still copy-pasting and filling the required details in that ATS.

These mundane tasks consume half of the recruiter’s day.

Here are some of the sample forms that a recruiter fills regularly:

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

You can imagine how much data a recruiter has to fill on daily basis.

We need some kind of Magic that could bring change and make this data entry job much easier.

TheMAGIC” is right here


I have been personally working on bringing that magic to life, it’s called NLP.

Let me show you how we perform this magic here at Rezoomex.

Watch the video below to see the magic of NLP

What is NLP?


Natural Language processing, in its simplest definition, is the ability of a computer/system to truly understand human language and process it in the same way that a human does.

What NLP can do?

  • It will automate the process that will give extra hours to recruiters, (or even days), back every week,
  • It gives you the most relevant data (Education gaps, Work Gap, Project Duration etc.),
  • Helps you easily find the missing information,
  • It will provide you with an auto-generated synopsis in one click,
  • It merges with major Applicant Tracking Systems.

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Aditi Sharma (Sr. Recruitment Specialist, Rezoomex)

Aditi Sharma is a technology recruiter and an HR blogger with 4 yrs. of experience. She has an outstanding record of sourcing technical talent through traditional as well as non-traditional mediums and she enjoys every second of it.

In her spare time, Aditi loves to explore new places around the globe and writing blog. Currently, she is the Sr. Recruitment Specialist with Rezoomex.


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