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Recently we participated in TASCON 17 – Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Conclave 17 in Bangalore. During the event, there was an impromptu contest consisting of 3 rounds – creative job description writing, search and a sales pitch for a whacky job.

Humbrag Alert: Our team eventually won the first prize 🙂

I am sharing the job description that we submitted. We were asked to write a job description for the position of Chief LifeGuard, Santa Monica Beach. There were some very good entries and esp few were rendered beautifully with infographics and images. Wish I could reproduce all here with due permission/credits.

Here we go…

The Award-winning Job Description

Did you always dream of a job under the sun and on sand? A job during downtime becomes a paid vacation without the hassle of going to the destination because you have already arrived!

A job with an occasional chance to be the “Knight in a shining tan”. Still not convinced? Let’s cut to the chase here. Do you NOT want to reprise David Hasselhoff in real-life and also be an ethical resuscitator (wink, wink)!!

Come wield a megaphone and lead a pack of able-bodied lifeguards. We are looking for a Chief Lifeguard at Santa Monica beach.

We just need you to tick these boxes and apply away.

  • A demeanour of Sgt Bilko but with the effectiveness of Frank Underwood
  •  Motivator, Cheerleader, tough taskmaster and a glint of silver on the teeth.
  • Can lead and guide a team during life/death situations.
  •  Does not get drowned, actually, we need you to swim like a fish. At times you are required to show how it is done.
  •  Can fish out warm bodies out of high tides. Again lead by example.
  •  Can run in slow and fast motions, fast really. Slow running is for employer branding videos.
  •  Desired skills: Should retain the hairstyle intact after rescuing a 200-pound fellow human. Again for video.


Apart from copious sunscreen lotion & unlimited cool breeze, great pay and a shipload of rewards.

An opportunity to be a real life-saver (not the corporate “You are a life-saver” compliment for formatting the powerpoint)

Please share your views and suggestion:)

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