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When I got to know TASCON’17 is happening in Bengaluru, I made sure to book my flight and a seat in the event. This was the first ever TASCON event there with a great line up of speakers and an opportunity to network with folks from Bengaluru and learn a lot of new things. My expectations were raised when I saw the turn up on the day of the event and I must say TASCON’17 lived up to it.

Session on Campus Engagement gave wonderful insights on how to build your Company as an employer of choice for the new age Millennials. From competitions to workshops to adding subjects to the Academic course in the college for particular students, all of this to make sure they come well prepared for the Company, is the innovation in campus hiring.

In JD 2.0 Anup Kesiraju spoke about how a creative JD is the next thing to catch the eye of the potential candidates. Speaking about things like creating a landing page and involving actual employees in the Video JD describing the fun and other gains working with the Job seemed like a pretty cool way to present the opportunity. Tatyasaheb Kolage came with a fully equipped arsenal of tools and Techniques on ‘how to find email addresses’ of candidates. Which I personally feel is one of the most important details to have about anyone.

To add to that was the session by Akberali Engineer – ‘Stalk the right way’. Akberali is also my colleague at Capgemini and it was great to see him present. He talked about, otherwise unexplored ways of gathering the ‘social presence kundali’ of any candidate which would help build a personal connect with the candidate, this approach would not only help in sourcing but give us a lot of content to engage the candidate to improve his joining chances.

Srikrishnan Ananthanarayanan and Clive Rodrigues ended the event beautifully by involving the attendees in a live recruiting competition and also made us all play a game in which he demonstrated how we try to source profiles without getting into the details of JD.

I also feel that we could have given more time to speakers for a better Q&A session and some live examples specifically in Sourcing Lab sessions. Overall it was a great experience to attend TASCON once again. Thanks to Yusuf Pathan and team for giving us a platform to meet and connect with a lot of folks from TA fraternity and eagerly waiting for next event in Pune.

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Puneet Kumra (Head-Talent Sourcing, Capgemini-Financial Services, India)

Puneet Kumra is a talent acquisition professional with more than 16 years of industry experience. He currently heads Talent Sourcing as the Director – TA at Capgemini-Financial Services, India.

Puneet received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer science from MJP Rohilkhand University.

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