4 Amazing ways to Attract Top Tech Talent



This is probably the most exciting time to work in Tech. Technology industry generates the most number of jobs globally. You will find a lot of studies and surveys on the internet, which suggests that jobs in computer and IT space will grow with each passing year. Despite that, companies around the world struggle to attract top tech talent to drive their business forward.

Raising salaries was one of the ways to attract candidates. But that’s not the case anymore. Company culture, candidate experience, transparency and use of technology in the recruitment process. These are few more important factors which have gained momentum in the past few years. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the recruitment technology is playing a big part in attracting top tech talent. It helps in creating a better candidate experience. The recruiters can focus on more productive work rather than the boring manual tasks.

Here are few ways you can adopt in your companies recruitment process:

  • AI enabled tools: There are amazing ways companies are using AI tools for hiring candidates. One of the ways is to prioritize resumes. Screening resumes manually is a painful and boring task. It also lengthens the recruitment process and doesn’t guarantee that the candidate hired will not be a wrong hire. AI enabled tools helps to parse resumes faster, keeping the Job description in mind and provides recruiter with the top most suitable candidates. This ensures faster and accurate recruitment.  Video interviews are also one of the popular features of AI enabled recruitment tools.


  • Recruitment Chatbots: What exactly does a recruitment Chabot do? Chatbots basically can be used to initiate conversation with the candidates. It can help solve candidates’ inquiries, schedule interviews and improve candidate experience. Chatbots can mainly be used to handle the pre-screening process. Also the fact that chatbots are powered by AI and ML makes them even more usable.


  • Programmatic job advertising: Reaching out to the right candidates is difficult. We as humans will make errors in understanding the metrics of job advertising and optimizing the job ads. Software though understands it better and is likely to reach out to the right candidates more accurately. Programmatic advertising basically is to let a software perform do the buying, placement, and optimization of ads, rather than humans. It will help companies target the ideal demographic across the web.


  • Less emphasis on college degrees: Probably one of the growing phenomena’s in the recruitment industry. More and more companies are realizing that the future of work won’t be about college degrees, but will be about the job skills. They are realizing that a degree is not the right measurement to identify if a candidate hired will be able to demonstrate the right skills and possess the knowledge required for the job. Majority of the companies still give degrees a lot of importance, but you can find few examples where companies don’t and are hugely successful.

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