Recruitment: 5 Things to Expect in The Near Future

Recruitment5-Things-to-Expect-in-The-Near-Future_Article_finalTechnology continues to change exponentially and at the same time it continues to change all areas of business and industry, and the Recruitment Industry is no exception. Many organizations have already changed their recruitment process by adopting technologies like Applicant Tracking System and Recruiting Software. Recruiters, on the other hand, are evolving as well, as they know they have to keep up with the trends to survive.

The recruitment process is likely to get much more effective in the near future by the introduction of new technologies. Let’s have a look at some of the things which will soon impact the Recruitment Industry.

1. Virtual Reality (VR):


VR is being considered as the next big thing in terms of technology, something which has the capability to change the world. The fact that some of the biggest companies in the world are aggressively investing in VR proves the point.

But how will it impact recruitment? How about a candidate being interviewed from a different room or giving the candidate a virtual office tour or providing training to the new employees. Fascinating isn’t it?

2. Video Interviewing:


Video interviews are rapidly gaining popularity.

Now, here are the reasons why video interviews are gaining popularity. It saves time and expenses of the candidate, can be attended from anywhere and is much easier to attend, the candidate is much more comfortable attending the video interview and most importantly it enhances the candidate experience. Better candidate experience enhances company’s brand image.

3. Chatbots:


Chatbots are already everywhere. They are being used from ordering food to as a personal stylist. In fact, Gartner predicts that by the year 2020 the average person will have more conversations with a Chatbot than with their spouse.

When it comes to recruitment, Chatbots are being used to have a conversation with the candidate. It actually creates an opportunity to have a two-way communication, where a candidate asks questions about the job and the Chatbot will answer the queries accordingly. It is saving a lot of time and efforts of the recruiters as they don’t have to directly respond to the candidate now, they don’t have to send consistent updates to the candidate, answer his or her queries etc.

4. CVs of The Future:


Many websites are encouraging candidates to create different types of CVs to stand out from the crowd and gain attention and that’s the reason CVs are going to evolve in the future.  It would be difficult to entirely predict the CVs of the future but probably the most important one could be the LinkedIn profiles of the candidates. Having a CV in the word file will not be required in the future as recruiters are most likely to go through a candidates LinkedIn profile firstly and then if they find the candidate suitable, they might go through their different social media profiles.

Video CV’s and Infographic Resumes will be pretty popular as well.

5. Tools Powered by AI:


In the current scenario, recruiters are already using a lot of tools for things like parsing a resume, interviewing candidates and job postings etc. Today’s tools are not powered by Artificial Intelligence. Very shortly can expect intelligent tools powered by AI, machine learning and natural language processing making their impact on recruitment industry.

The recruitment industry has always adapted with time and technologies. In the near future, technology is going to play a huge part in the evolution of the recruitment industry; it is to be seen which kind of different technologies will come up in the future. It will bring some changes and challenges as well with it for the recruiters. But one thing is for sure, it will be an exciting few years for recruiters provided they adapt and evolve.

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