Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Tech Recruitment


1.5 million! That’s the number of Engineers graduating every year in India. Imagine the number of job aspirants for a single post when you include people switching jobs. It is humongous. As a Tech Recruiter things could go insane. There is always pressure to perform in short span of time. But what if you can pull it off? AI empowered recruitment tools have definitely made that possible. AI is a transformational technology which will have a disruptive impact on the way you recruit.

AI is already modernizing the recruiting process. It is advancing at a startling pace and is expected to change recruitment industry. It is the next revolution in recruitment. There is no denial to the fact that tech recruiters will have to leverage and adopt AI in their recruitment process, as a recruiters future will be with computers, not without them.

Stimulate candidate engagement:

Artificial Intelligence can stimulate candidate engagement through improved communication between candidates and recruiters. We all know communication has a significant impact on candidate experience. To be honest most of us don’t keep in touch with the candidates as much as we should. AI tools can help solve this problem by giving us the ability to provide candidates with quick feedback, updates, guidance and answer their queries in real time.

It will also help in company branding, since having had a positive candidate experience will increase their business relationship with your company.

Better recruiting predictability:

Identification of the right candidate will vastly improve with AI. You no longer will have to screen resumes manually. AI tools will analyze and screen the resumes for you by understanding the domain skill fitment. Giving you the most suitable candidates for that particular technical position.

There will be no need to spend your valuable time on doing manual tasks. You can use the same time in much more productive work like building relationships with prospects, building company brand, handling the irrationalities of candidates and closing job requirements quickly.

Advanced insights:

AI tools will make the collection of huge data volumes and provide you with actionable data. You will be able to evaluate this data to come up on important hiring decisions and improve your overall recruitment process.

Another thing you can do through data is to be proactive and keep your hiring manager up-to-date by providing data on job search which is synthesized and helpful.

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